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What Is Field Services?

The field services industry has several large segments which include inspections (residential mortgage, insurance & commercial), property preservation, notary signing tasks and mystery shopping tasks. SOFI is a networking organization for both inspectors and property preservation specialists. SOFI is the largest and the oldest (since 1992) networking organization in the field services industry.

Richard Law has over 25 years of both field inspection and property preservation experience. He can answer all of your questions on inspections and property preservation. Call Richard at (321) 543-2809 (East Coast) if you have any questions about getting started with inspections or property preservation.
Field inspection tasks are usually classified as residential mortgage, insurance and commercial property inspections. Commercial inspections pay the highest fees. Insurance inspection fees are in the middle. Residential mortgage inspection fees are the lowest. There is no licensing or other requirements for 98% of the inspections. All of the inspections forms are provided to you - there is nothing to create. Tasking firms provide instructions and training to get you started. Coordinators are available to answer your questions. SOFI can also answer your questions.
Property preservation tasks are securing and maintenance tasks performed on vacant foreclosure properties. They include lock changes, winterizations, debris removal, lawn maintenance, boarding of doors and windows, removal of health and hazardous materials, snow removal, etc.

Residential Inspections

These include:  Occupancy Verification - Delinquency Interview - Foreclosure Inspection - Bankruptcy Inspection - Investigative Inspection Report - Face To Face Interview Report - Sale Date Inspection - Insurance Loss Inspection - Construction Progress Report - Construction Funding Report - Flood Hazard Verification - HUD Title I Program Home Improvement Inspection - Broker Price Opinion (BPO) - Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) - Comparative Market - Estimated Market Value (EMV) Analysis (CMA) - Neighborhood Information Profile - Residential Property Appraisal

Insurance Inspections

These include: Dwelling observation inspection - high value inspection - insurance loss control inspections (risk analysis).

Commercial Inspections

These include: Photo Inspections - Physical Facilities Inspection - Merchant Credit Card Account Site Verification - Retail Outlet Verification - Coupon Redemption Inspection - Vehicle Delinquency Interviews - Classic Vehicle Finance Inspections - Leased Equipment Inspections - Environmental Inspections/Assessments - Broker Price Opinion (BPO) - Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) - Mystery Shopper Survey - Movie Audience Response Survey - TV Audience Response Survey - Floor Plan Inspection - Mattress Inspection - Fitness Center Inspections - Carpet Inspections - Granite Countertop Inspections - Business Verifications For Credit & Background Checks.

Property Preservation

Lock changes - lock rekeying - winterizations - de-winterizations - debris removal - broom sweeping - cleaning - door and window boarding - lawn maintenance - hazard removal - pool draining - pool covering - above ground pool removal - minor repairs - major repairs - rehab - fire damage repairs - water damage repairs - mold remediation - roofing - carpentry - exterminating services - oil tank removal - snow removal -carpet cleaning


Evictions - process servers - title/lien searches - trustee sale posting - tax record searches