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Getting Started In Field Services - FREE Stuff

Let SOFI help you become a black belt in the field services industry. We have all of the networking tools you need to introduce yourself to the national and regional field service firms that hire field service representatives. We have helped more than 14,300 field service representatives start new businesses in the field services industry since 1994.
We  will help you get started in the field services industry. Or, maybe you just want to grow your existing business.
We offer some FREE things you can do to get started in the field services industry. And, we also offer some other information products which for a small price will help you accelerate the growth of your business.
Richard Law and Dorann Law have over 27 years of experience with field service inspections and property preservation. They are available to help you get started in a part- or full-time business performing field services. Richard Law is very well known throughout the field services industry. To chat with Richard or Dorann, call (352) 449-1041 (East Coast) on weekdays and weekends.

No experience is required for the majority of inspection tasks. The large majority of inspections do not require any experience. Almost everyone who becomes a field services representative comes to the industry without previous experience. Most of the tasks are very easy to complete. The inspection forms are provided to you - you do not have to create any of the inspection forms. Some of the larger national field service firms have interactive web sites where inspectors complete inspection reports online. These web sites have help pages and support personnel to answer questions and help you complete their report forms.

SOFI membership is FREE. You become a member automatically when you are listed in the National Field Service DirectorySOFI is the largest networking organization in the industry. No one comes close.

to signup for a FREE Membership in the Society Of Field Inspectors (SOFI) and also get a FREE listing in the National Field Service Directory. This FREE membership and FREE directory listing is for BOTH firms and field service representatives.